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As part of the Connect Plymouth transport infrastructure project, electric vehicle charging solutions provider Wenea has committed to deploy 150 electric vehicle chargers in the city. Wenea has over 50 chargers installed in Exeter and East Devon and is expanding its deployment to ensure Devon can count on a more comprehensive network of rapid EV chargers.

The project is supported by Plymouth City Council and also involves an e-bike rental platform from Beryl, with the aim of accelerating the city’s transition to sustainable modes of transport and integrating with current public transport. 

Earlier in 2023, Wenea deployed chargers across three locations – Whimple Street, City Business Park and Manadon Sports Centre which have already been operational for several months. These were then joined by another charger at Theatre Royal Car Park.

With a series of other sites having just come online and others soon to follow, Wenea wanted to take the chance to introduce those sites and provide more detail on the growing network of charging options in the city. The company believes its growing network of chargers in Plymouth will give residents more confidence to transition to a more sustainable mode of transport, while making the city more accessible for EV-driving visitors.

Ridgeway Car Park

These chargers can be found in Plympton and are easily accessible via the A38. Surrounded by shops and cafes, this location boasts two rapid chargers, allowing for a convenient top-up of charge while you run errands or pop for a sociable coffee.

Mount Batten

This exciting location is a popular tourist destination, offering excellent views of the coast as visitors enjoy walks along the pier. The potential to charge up your vehicle before hopping on the electric ferry at Mount Batten offers a glimpse into a future where every mode of transport will be fully electric and zero emissions. There will be one charger initially installed here, before another two are added towards the end of the year.

West Park

Accessed via Crownhill Road, the two chargers at West Park Car Park are located near the iconic Tamar Bridge, as well as the West Park playing fields, enabling drivers to charge as they engage in a variety of leisure activities.

What’s next?

The next months will be busy for Wenea, with over 20 chargers (mostly rapid and ultra-rapid) being deployed across eight sites. These include Marjon University, Whitleigh Green and Poole Farm.

Marjon University

Wenea’s deployment at Marjons will enable visiting academics, students and their families when visiting the university to have easy access to rapid EV charging. This site is also located near the hospital, giving workers from and visitors to the hospital a nearby location to recharge their vehicle. 

Whitleigh Green

Situated close to the popular natural walking spot Cann Woods, this site enables drivers to charge while they access green spaces and nature to unwind. The site also brings charging facilities in northern parts of the city, where there is currently a lack of rapid solutions available to the public.

Poole Farm

Poole Farm, situated in Derriford Community Park offers a great family day out to residents and visitors. Wenea’s chargers will give drivers the opportunity to charge their vehicles while exploring nature and enjoying new cycle and walking routes at the park.

Other sites include Mount Batten, a site with lots of leisure activity taking place, as well as historical relevance; and Milehouse Park & Ride where Wenea is deploying eight AC chargers suited to all-day charging.


Charger performance

Overall, we are noticing strong month-on-month growth in use of our network in Plymouth as customers become more familiar with Wenea chargers. Soon, Wenea chargers will be found on Zapmap, meaning that more customers can find our chargers even when they’re less familiar with our brand or where our chargers are located.

Theatre Royal is our best performing site since it came online, with 33 charging sessions per month on average and the average charge delivering 32.13 kWh to the customer. 78 charging sessions took place at this location in Augusts, even though the site had only recently come online. As take-up of EVs grows in Plymouth and our chargers are easier to find through Zapmap, we expect to see use of our network to grow sharply in Plymouth.


About Wenea

Wenea is one of the leading charge point operators in Spain, where it has the largest network of rapid and ultra-rapid chargers. It has already deployed over 550 electric vehicle chargers in the Iberian country and has over 1000 connectors. Wenea’s first overseas deployment started in 2022 in the UK, where it has a pipeline of over 500 chargers. In addition to its network in Plymouth, the company plans to deploy over 200 chargers in Devon by the end of 2024, using the Southwest as a springboard for a complete national deployment.

Wenea is a provider of EV charging services, which we deliver to public and private sector customers through our digital platform – including the Wenea app! We prioritise user experience and the preferences of our customers, working collaboratively to provide a charging experience tailored to the clients’ needs. By delivering charge

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