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2023 has the been the busiest and best year yet for Wenea UK – deploying more ultra-rapid, rapid and fast chargers than ever and expanding our network to make EV journeys quick, easy and reliable. Our network is springing up across the UK, in car parks and on-street locations providing communities with EV charging in their neighbourhoods. Let’s take a moment to reflect on everything achieved this year.

58 new chargers in Devon

From Axminster to Plymouth, we have deployed 58 EV chargers in Devon this year. Matching the speed and size of the chargers to the location, we have deployed fast and rapid chargers on streets and rapid and ultra rapid chargers in car parks across Exeter, East Devon and Plymouth. Topping the charts for most used charger in Devon is Ham Lane West car park in beautiful Sidmouth – home to two of our 60kW rapid chargers serving local residents and holiday makers alike.

272,106kWh of electricity supplied

Our EV chargers use electricity from 100% renewable energy power supply agreements. Did you know that 32% of people in the UK don’t have access to off-street parking and so can’t charge from home? We are committed to addressing this barrier to EV ownership by deploying our chargers in local neighbourhoods.

59,000kg of CO2 saved

That’s the equivalent weight of 236 adult male polar bears. It would also take around 2,000 trees to absorb this much CO2. Research has shown that EVs in Europe emit, on average, 3 times less CO2 than equivalent petrol cars. 

Rapid charging in just 30 minutes

Our Rapid chargers can provide 75 miles of range in just 30 minutes. In comparison, a typical home charger will provide about 4 miles for every 30 minutes it’s plugged in. With rapid charging, you plug in and move on quickly.

What’s in store for 2024?

Next year we will be deploying over 200 more rapid EV chargers in Devon alone. From Ashburton and Brixham to Salcombe and Tiverton a mix of 30kW rapid and 100kW ultra-rapid chargers will appear in town car parks in the region. We also have deployment plans to deploy more car park and on-sreet chargers across the UK, including the West Midlands Combined Authority, Plymouth City Council and Herefordshire County Council.

We are expecting our deployment of chargers to accelerate in 2024. Our target is to have over 450 chargers on our UK network, serving up to 700 bays, by the year end. 

For full details of all our current chargers take a look at our live map Locations – Rapid Charging Devon. 

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